Data on a Touch Pad
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Within our proprietary MARKETview platform, we are aggregating, normalizing, and enriching student record-level data, allowing colleges and universities to compare their own performance with peers in near real time. This vision into marketplace position provides data-centered, actionable intelligence for both in-cycle and long-term strategic decision making.


Our team partners with campus leaders to:

  • Contextualize performance and KPI’s by providing comparisons to peer institutions;

  • Better understand the makeup and characteristics of their student population;

  • Illuminate strategic opportunities and uncover hidden trends to boost performance; and

  • Identify emerging risks in near real time, allowing time to change course if necessary


While MARKETview is a platform, the partnership provides much more including data conditioning, high-touch consulting services, constant monitoring of reports, and ongoing analysis of your data compared to the market.


If you have an orientation towards data-driven decision making and would like to learn more about MARKETview, contact us.