MARKETview delivers certainty in a year where you're operating on hunches.

Yield season is fast approaching and with it comes stress, anxiety and uncertainty—particularly this year. Does your team know what to expect? 


MARKETview partners have certainty as they know in real-time how their classes are yielding across important student segments relative to other schools. And, they're leveraging MARKETview data to make in-the-moment decisions :

  • Evaluate the success of recruitment strategies in comparison to others;

  • Monitor compositional changes within the admit and deposit pools;

  • Understand mission critical admitted students that are not yielding as expected;

  • Prioritize students most likely to enroll;

  • Identify students with a high propensity to melt;

  • Analyze the list of families requesting decision extensions; and

  • Review withdrawals to better understand types and trends of households being lost.

Real-Time Enrollment Intelligence and Context Across the Market

MARKETview is a real-time data analytics platform to help you take immediate action and achieve your enrollment goals by leveraging  insights and comparing your performance to the market. 

Let's talk about how MARKETview can support your institution.


Alex White

Founding Partner

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